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Capture thy Value with FOCUS Selling Systems

To capture your company value, you must make sales easy and master the most elusive part of a company’s success formula. Top sales professionals are the highest paid employees in an organization and often are the highest maintenance employees as well. FOCUS Selling Systems leverages both of these realities and has been developed, tested and refined for over 20 years with a continual focus on converting to sustainable, PROFITABLE SALES GROWTH.

We implement today’s #1 most effective and efficient resource to capture and monetize corporate value on a predictable, recurring basis...a focused and competitive, market–aligned sales force.focus selling

The 5 Key Modules to Master
The proven and practical FOCUS Selling Systems (FSS) is not a series of seminars or a compilation of how-to-books. Rather, FOCUS Selling Systems is a hands-on, reliable and focused sales operating system created specifically for each client. Implemented and mastered, the end result is a predictable larger and more profitable sale.
  1. Focu$Clarity – The start of the implementation and company-wide overview sessions to build credibility and trust, as well as, deliver clear expectations.
  2. Focu$Basic – The part of the process, through research and data dumps, that ensures sales teams to know exactly what the company does and does not do.
  3. Focu$Camp – The targeted sales training then begins, using customized workbooks, sales people challenge their thinking and learn new techniques.
  4. MentorFocu$ – A must program with curbside coaching, proposal reviews and tag-team sales calls.
  5. Focu$System – This optimization module of the system creates Linear Loyalty Equations and teaches higher Value Execution and Balanced Scorecard selling.

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