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Different Kind of Value

revenue generation

In any business 
organization, sales is the department that generates revenue and it is now a different kind of animal requiring an intensity of laser proportions. Basically, no matter how good your 
manufacturing operation is, how super advanced your technology is, how tight your financial goals are or how progressive and forward-thinking your management techniques are, you must still have a sales system in place, or everything else is useless. 
Not a soft sales system, but one of permanent value and laser focused that consistently communicates and captures your company’s value. The world has become too noisy to not be impactful with your product or service. It must be solution-based and quantitatively impactful; moving the needle for the customer. There is no option but to intimately understand and accentuate your non-price value and discard any thoughts of a low-price strategic position for revenue generation.  
Capture Value for 10X Returns
We stress the importance of a revenue generation strategy that proves:
  1. Differentiation-based competitive arenas are systematically more profitable
  2. Value leadership takes precedence as a driver of superior performance
This liberating truth is that better before cheaper governs the law of a higher-price-driven profitability formula. This truth is underpinned by a revenue before cost focus and, finally, a numbers before emotion feedback and reality check.
That returns are 10X higher when a company trains and deploys trained sales champions and evangelists of a company’s uniqueness. What we discovered is that they consistently capture value at the point of transaction whether the revenue generation is transactional, consultative, or enterprise; the key essentials identified are:
  1. On-Point – never wasting any time getting to the point and serving the customer
  2. On-Process – following a systematic approach to the market regardless of the pressure to abandon it
  3. Enthusiastic – excited about what they are bringing to the market and what impact it can make
  4. Empathetic – a caring customer-focused approach that truly listens and provides a solution to their pain
  5. Expert – a strong committed passion for product/service knowledge that is second to none in their target market
  6. Consultant – finally, the ability to effectively communicate financial returns and the associated freedom it provides

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