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Investing in a Dynamic Future

Nu Solutions Limited Partnership (NSLP) is a boutique investment fund focused on acquiring under-valued or proprietary assets. Our strategy is to acquire, combine and enhance companies and technologies for the penetration of defined markets with differentiating products and services. The viability for each acquisition is dependent on the potential development of a highly profitable value proposition. Experienced management and integrated operating systems using sophisticated marketing and sales tactics will deliver success at new levels. NLSP is deliberately assembling resources to realize a more than respectable return on investment.

NSLP current market activity, with an environmental conscience, is focused in Oil Field Services, Water Treatment and Soil Stimulants. However, new acquisition opportunities in other markets continue to emerge.

The Nu Solutions Advantage:
    1. IRR of 25%
    2. Cash Flow Distributions
    3. Equity Appreciation
    4. Tax Efficiency

NSLP capitalizes on the experienced years of seasoned professionals possessing a comprehensive suite of skills in business and product development, finance and operations, marketing and sales management. NSLP is confident in its ability to realize double digit average returns in the range of 20% over a five-year term.

This will be made possible by the following:

  1. Optimizing operations by consolidating administration, marketing and product development facilities under a centralized structure.
  2. Efficiencies of assets employed by establishing new revenue sources using a concert of value-added products and services.
  3. Diversification within targeted market segments using enhanced assets to enrich cash flows and return on investment.
  4. Growth by acquisition with vendor participation will provide NSLP immediate cash flow with low debt exposure.


Current Status

Since inception in the spring of 2018, Nu Solutions continues to enrich its portfolio via targeted acquisitions in selected segments of high growth markets. Secured acquisitions to date are in motion to grow revenues and cash flows. In the first quarter of 2019, NSLP will build and implement a comprehensive 'Go to Market' strategy for each of the following entities.

  1. ParaSolve is an innovative worldwide oilfield services company with proprietary well optimization technology that has proven to increase oil well production while significantly decreasing maintenance and operating costs for Oil producers. Building on its past success, ParaSolve is expected to generate revenues in the range of $11.5 million within the next 5 years.
  2. Environmental Bioorganic Sciences (EBS) is a newly formed U.S. company that new holds the intellectual property of the product back-bone for the following companies.
  3. Enbiogranic Technologies is focused on the $125 billion water treatment market. Enbiogranic has EBS market proven products and patent pending delivery systems that are dramatically impacting municipal, commercial, industrial and animal waste water facilities. With a significant growth trajectory, plans are to reach $21 million in revenue within 5 years.
  4. Enbiogranix (not currently in projected performance) is a newly formed entity having a proprietary consumer product for Private Sewage Systems. Armed with EBS technology, small patent pending, under the sink dosing units will eliminate septic doors and sludge build up while restoring septic tanks and fields to a healthy working condition. With a countless number of market customers, Enbiogranix is positioned to be a household brand name returning monthly on-going revenues on a perpetual basis.
  5. TerraCibus (not currently in project performance) is a newly formed U.S. company which holds the intellectual property for a new soil bio-stimulant. In the 1st and 2nd quarters of 2019, TerraCibus will verify the outstanding results of preliminary findings through independent 3rd-party controlled trials. NSLP is confident this product will have world wide impact and will be sought out by large multinational corporations. 

nuSolutions LP

Enhancing Hidden Potential......

Nu Solutions Advantage

  • Experienced entrepreneurial leadership in consolidating undervalued assets and operations.
  • We combine and enhance innovative products with sophisticated operating systems and business strategies.
  • Seasoned operating team within each company will provide above average performance and excellent returns to LP unit holders.
  • Our asset portfolio provides investors exposure to growth opportunities in Canada and international markets.

Current Capital Raise and Offering

NSLP is seeking investors to raise $2,000,000 for working capital and equipment for consumer activity. Funds are also required to complete acquisition commitments and the extensive 3rd-party testing and trials of world impacting new products.

NSLP is offering 2000 LP units of its Limited Partnership (LP) at a value of $1,000 per each unit. For a minimum investment of $50,000 a qualified investor would be issued 50 LP units.

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